Do You Trust Suppliers on famous B2B platforms like Alibaba?

Recently, we conducted a questionnaire survey among users on our website to find out whether or not they trust suppliers found on famous B2B platforms like Alibaba.

Thousands of users on our website received the questionnaire email with a simple question: ”Do you trust suppliers found on famous B2B platforms like Alibaba?”

Instead of answering simple “yes” or ”no”, the 189 replies we received gave us some fascinating insights into the difficulties buyers face when deciding it. We have reviewed each response and found that:

More than anything, the results show that despite the incredible range of products and assurances, the majority of users still feel uneasy when it comes to trusting suppliers on those platform.

Below we share some of their thoughts and experiences.


Respondents Who Generally Trust Those Suppliers

“Yes once some communication has been made and a clear understanding of the company is available but always buyer beware!!!”

Great advice – there are many good suppliers on those platforms but take your time to build trust and clearly communicate your requirements.

“Yes – I do research first.”

Conducting research and requesting key documents from Chinese suppliers can help mitigate risk.

“Some of them yes, others completely not.”

“I know that there are lots of genuine suppliers there but also a few bad ones. I don’t have 100% trust.”

This is the right attitude to have, it is important to be cautious.

“Some of them, yes, I’ve been scammed, but there are a few that I would commend.”

Unfortunately there are a few scams but you can take steps to avoid them.


Respondents Who Don’t Trust Those Suppliers

On the other hand, many of the users who responded in the negative were keen to add more details about their experiences. These comments give some great insights into the trust issues that buyers have using those platforms:

“No not at all. I just paid in full for a full container from China and the manufacturer is not answering my messages or phone calls!”

The dreaded silent treatment, hopefully it was nothing more than a delay.

“No, you need to check their history first before buying!”

Yes, take time to understand and verify the supplier and their track record.

“Honestly speaking I cannot trust an Alibaba supplier if I don’t do my own verification and there’s a whole process on it. Unfortunately I can say that more than 60% of the suppliers there are fake or fraud.”

It is very important to verify that a Chinese company is legitimate and our company can assist you with this process

“I don’t know, I was cheated several times”

It is important to recognize some warning signs that you might be falling victim to a scam.

“No, I would have got scammed today if I didn’t do my research.”

“It’s not good practice to trust without performing any verification on those suppliers. We have been submitting our demands on those platforms for the last 5-7 years and have found 3 cheating suppliers.”

This comment is very revealing – despite these 3 incidents, those platforms remain good websites for sourcing, as long as you are verifying your suppliers.


Investigating into Chinese Suppliers

As reflected by the comments above, when dealing with Chinese suppliers it is important to verify that they are a legitimate company and that their claims are credible. Credit Inquiry and 6C Supplier Recommendation services make this process super convenient and are fast and affordable.


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