How to Boost Your Christmas E-Commerce Business?

Christmas, the peak selling season, brings along shoppers in droves.

In the UK, 40% of Christmas shopping was done online. According to IMRG e-Retail Sales Index, GBP 21.6bn was spent on e-commerce websites eight weeks before Christmas.

According to Adobe, 2017 holiday e-commerce revenue climbed to record-breaking $108.2 billion (an increase of 14.7% year over year). Adobe’s numbers are based on 80% of online transactions for the largest 100 online US retailers.

Thus, if you want to see a true increase in your turnover, there doesn’t seem to be a better time than Christmas! Find out how.


Design your website

Decorate your online shop. Isn’t that what high-street retailers do to attract buyers in a shopping frenzy? In fact, there is a bigger analogy between high street shops investing in Christmas decorations and virtual stores having graphic design at their disposal than we may be aware of.

Let your online store be part of the festivities: this will instill positive emotions in many shoppers and make your website livelier.

Go social

Christmas is a social event, also in the world of online sales. Spread the gospel and make the right audience interact with your content and go for your deals and best-sellers. Go social.

It may be a given, yet we’d like to emphasize the importance of social media in your Christmas strategies. Use social media to have your offers and content liked, shared, tweeted and pinned. If they go viral, you may be very pleased with your income. Don’t forget to enable your website for social buttons.

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Finally, blog about Christmas. This is how you give yourself a chance to drive traffic to your webstore, which will help you increase your conversion rates. There are various topics you can write about, sparking your potential buyers’ interest. For example, give them a list of gift ideas. Isn’t this a mind-boggler for many shoppers: what should I get him/her/them for Christmas?!

Be the answer. Have the solution and available options ready for your existing and future buyers. Not only can you encourage them to buy your products, but you can also be perceived as a reliable and resourceful retailer.


Go global

Selling your items on foreign marketplaces, if planned wisely, can be the real deal breaker.

A great number of online sellers are convinced that they will see big Christmas sales figures by trading on their domestic markets only. Granted: there’s a good chance that the numbers will be pretty impressive. Yet they can be much much higher if foreign marketplaces are added to the equation.

Consider the fact that many shoppers want to buy unique gifts that are different from what is available locally. A good source of unique, different items is foreign countries. Hence, it may be a good idea for you to localize your Christmas offers on international markets.


In a nutshell

Christmas is a perfect time to give your online shop a real boost in sales, not only on your domestic but also on international markets. To achieve that, you need to go a bit Christmassy and prepare your shop for the festive season.

If you optimize your shop properly and add a little decoration, your conversion rates can increase immensely around Christmas time.


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