New Trade Platform New Opportunities: Never Miss the Huge Chinese Market!

On Jan.11th, the launching ceremony of the New Foreign Trade and New Retail Start-up Incubator has been held at Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center (shortly as New Trade Platform).

With Ningbo Free Trade Zone Administration Committee as the organizer, Ningbo Free Trade Zone Market Development Co., Ltd and Zhejiang Great Tao E-commerce Corporation as co-organizers, and Ningbo New Trade Supply Chain Limited as the undertaker, this activity aims to announce the official initiation and operation of the New Foreign Platform.


Wu Lequn, president of Zhejiang Great-tao Group, addressed his speech first and said the initiation of the New Trade Platform seizes opportunities of economic development and of the times.

On the first CIIE, it is estimated that China will import products and services worth over 30 trillion USD and 10 trillion USD respectively in 15 years, which shows potential business opportunities. As a legal, quality and stable channel, as well as a platform, the New Trade Platform emerges as the times demand.

Chen Weijun, general manager of Ningbo New Trade Supply Chain Limited, made a brief introduction. The New Trade Platform, taking advantages of special resources of Ningbo Free Trade Zone and its bonded warehouses, combines with overseas channels, application ability of smart data, risk controlling experience of supply chain finances and integration ability of services on supply chains, which offered by Zhejiang Great Tao Group, so as to serve Ningbo’s grand gate of import trade. Such speech did draw people’s attention.


It is said that the New Trade Platform will not only form new business mode of foreign trade, but also foster university retail team, offering them a start-up platform.

Several incubation teams and enterprises signed cooperation agreements, making a comprehensive, professional and robust agency and distribution net.


After that, all guests, channels and representatives of service institutions witnessed the launching ceremony. With hands joined, roles on the supply chain will share retail opportunities, build new environment and enjoy new results all together.

Then, A visit of import products area was offered, including foods, daily necessities, cosmetics, and health care products from Germany, France, Italy, USA, Australia, Bulgaria, Japan, Korea, Chile and other countries and regions.

A variety of quality products, a brand new business mode of the New Trade Platform, combined with introduction of services and cooperation system in the Platform, made by Chen Zhiguang, make those eager-to-try cooperatives learn the instruction comprehensively.


During the year of 2018, China’s foreign trade remained stable overall and saw steady growth, with the import and export scale reaching a record high. Therefore, China is expected to maintain its position as the world’s largest trader in goods.

As a global trade platform, provides integrated services for both global importers and exporters.

For global importers, can offer a series of integrated foreign trade services, like order matching & sourcing (6C smart-matching), financing support and credit inquiry, so as to achieve smooth trade transactions. The annual Global Trade Credit Conference makes it possible for buyers and suppliers to negotiate face to face, and matches orders more efficiently.

For global exporters, China (Ningbo) Central and Eastern Europe Youth Innovation Center provides one-stop services for quality enterprises from central and eastern European countries alongside the Belt and Road Initiative, and helps them to establish and develop in China. The New Foreign Trade and New Retail Start-up Incubator, officially initiated on Jan.11th, has bonded warehouses and logistics services, therefore upgrades supply chain of import products.


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