Wanna Initiate Sourcing Requests To eGTCP For On-site Order Matching Of Doha Project?

Do you know where the next World Cup will be held?

Yes! Doha, capital of Qatar! Recently, as Doha’s sourcing requests in household articles,home furnishings, and building materials increase rapidly, it has asked eGTCP for help to find them more quality suppliers.


So what has eGTCP done to help Doha buyers?

  1. Promote Doha project and enroll Chinese corresponding suppliers. Now there have been 300+ suppliers on eGTCP for the project;
  2. Organize on-site purchase matching meeting to make a face-to-face order matching between buyers and suppliers at China (Ningbo) Central and Eastern Europe Youth Innovation Center;
  3. Offer one-stop trade services, such as export agent, financing, factory inspection, loading monitor, etc. to assure the trade safety of the buyer and the supplier.

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Project Background:

In 2022, the 22th FIFA World Cup will be held in Doha, capital of Qatar, which is a western Asian country. As the biggest production and export country of liquefied natural gas in the world, Qatar is also one of the wealthiest countries globally. While Doha, the biggest city of Qatar and also a famous port along the Persian Gulf, is the center of politics, economy, culture and transportation across the country.

According to the State Information Center (SIC), in all countries along the Belt and Road, Qatar is the trade partner who has achieved the fastest growth in import and export trade volume, with the growth rate of over 35%. After the Sino-US trade war, in particular, China will have more trade opportunities with Qatar.

As the 22th FIFA World Cup will be held in Doha, Qatari government will make a large investment in infrastructure projects, especially in construction of stadiums, restaurants, hotels, etc., thus contributing to a rapid increase of purchasing demand for household articles,home furnishings, and building materials. And China is a major exporter for such products just right.

With such background, electronic Global Credit Trade Platform (eGTCP) has cooperated with the biggest land agent of the Middle East and signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Qatar royal family. eGTCP will undertake Qatar’s continuous sourcing requests and enroll corresponding quality suppliers to realize order sourcing and matching between buyers and suppliers successfully.

Currently, as the sourcing requests of Doha project increase, eGTCP has been enrolling domestic corresponding suppliers to meet the demand of Doha buyers and expand Chinese export. So, if you also have sourcing requests, large or small, please come to eGTCP and enjoy a perfect and all-round experience of order sourcing and matching!



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