The First GTCC-Winter Session Unveiled Yesterday —— New Opportunities in Foreign Trade

On Dec.6th,2018, GTCC-Winter Session was initiated by Zhejiang Great Tao E-commerce Corporation as well as the, which offered a new opportunity for roles on the supply chain to communicate and negotiate freely.


In the morning, the China (Ningbo) Central and Eastern Europe Youth Innovation Center, located in the Old Bund area of Ningbo, has witnessed the beginning of eGTCP Resource Introduction Meeting and eGTCP Investment Meeting for National Agents simultaneously and unveiled the winter session.

On the Resource Introduction Meeting, three quality projects were introduced: the, serving the whole supply chain with credit and innovation, China (Ningbo) Central and Eastern Europe Youth Innovation Center, for entrepreneurship and start-up youth from CEE countries and countries along the Belt and Road, and Ningbo Free Trade Zone New Trade New Retail Innovation Center, created jointly by Zhejiang Great Tao Group and Ningbo Free Trade Zone Administration Committee. Foreign buyers have shown great interest in such projects serving import and export comprehensively.

While during the eGTCP Investment Meeting for National Agents, the innovative and potential operation mode of eGTCP and the integrated market have attracted agents’ attention. They were keen to cooperate with the Platform.

In the afternoon, the core session of this winter session, Purchase Matching Conference of Global Trade Integrity Ecosystem was started officially. Focusing on high-end and precise matching, this matching meeting has invited quality buyers from European and American and countries alongside the Belt and Road Initiative, together with domestic suppliers. Suppliers have communicated and negotiated orders with buyers face to face.

A majority of sourcing orders on the matching meeting were in the apparel, lighting, hardware, construction material, and gifts industries. Many enterprises said matching were precise and the activity was more orderly on the site. And also, we have introduced the live video for the first time to the meeting, so that people can experience heated the event as well.


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