Annual Review|What Has Great Tao Achieved in 2018?

The year 2018 has witnessed dynamic changes happen in Great Tao E-commerce Corporation.
Electronic Global Trade Credit Platform (eGTCP) has gone through strong and robust development. Smart-matching (6C), Credit Membership and other services have come into service.
Various new projects, such as China (Ningbo) Central and Eastern Europe Youth Innovation Center and New Trade and New Retail Start-up Incubator, have gone on the track of sound progress.
Now, let’s look back on memorable events in 2018!

Annual Review of 2018

In February,Zhejiang Great Tao E-commerce Corporation was honored with Innovation and Development Demonstration Enterprise Award by Ningbo Jiangbei District government.

In March, Huo Yuzhen, the special representative of China-Central and Eastern European Cooperation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other staffs investigated the China (Ningbo) Central and Eastern Europe Youth Innovation Center in Old Bund area of Jiangbei, Ningbo.

In June, China (Ningbo) Central and Eastern Europe Youth Innovation Center started operation officially.

In July, Zhejiang Great Tao Group and Great Tao E-commerce Corporation reached initial cooperation intention with Bulgarian Association for the Promotion of Agricultural Cooperation, and set up the Liaison Office at CEE Center in Nov.

In August, eGTCP successfully got access to PanAn government platform and will strive for trade development jointly.

In September, the 4th Global Trade & Credit Conference (GTCC) was successfully held by Zhejiang Great Tao E-commerce Corporation and, which empowered various roles on the foreign trade supply chain, especially the partners, to seize the opportunities of display, introduction and cooperation.

In October, Mr Bohhuslav sobotka, former Czech prime minister, visited the China (Ningbo) Central and Eastern Europe Youth Innovation Center and attended the symposium. Work will be done to seek for new opportunities of China-Czech coopertion.

On Oct.20th, the 4th LLM of China-CEEC was held in Bulgarian National Palace of Culture. Wu Lequn, president of Zhejiang Great Tao Group, attended the grand event as the only Chinese enterprise representative and addressed a speech.

In November, Ningbo Free Trade Zone Administration Committee signed strategic cooperation agreements with Great Tao E-Commerce Corporation, which officially announced the establishment of NFTZ New Foreign Trade and New Retail Start-up Incubator.

On Dec.6th, 2018, the first GTCC-Winter Session was initiated by Zhejiang Great Tao E-commerce Corporation as well as the, which offered a new opportunity for roles on the supply chain to communicate and negotiate freely.


We are proud of every progress Great Tao made in 2018.

In 2019, we are eager to make new achievements and march forward.

Here we are!


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